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Which herbs is the herbalist using?

Which herbs is the herbalist using? 0

We are all being challenged right now to stand up for truth and justice. This crisis is on a global scale but it may be playing out for you personally on a family or community level. This can feel very intense and overwhelming, but I dare you to not back down when you feel there is a positive action you can take. These personal interactions have waves that ripple out and effect the larger struggle facing our planet right now.

This is happening in my life where I find myself caught in a family and community drama where wounds from the past are projecting onto the current situation. Even though I wanted to hide and stay out of it, I know in my heart that speaking up is the best action. I have felt a wide range of emotions from fear, anxiety, and anger, to sadness and grief. Herbal tinctures have been wonderful support for me through this challenging time.

I've been adding herbs to my daily routine to nourish my nervous system, calm emotions, and give me a boost of energy and support.

Many of you ask me, "What herbs do you take daily?" 

That answer is constantly changing, but for this week, I'm enjoying the Stress Tincture, Heart Healthy Tincture and Blue Vervain Tincture. 

Make sure you have the herbs you need on hand to support yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
To your health,
Cara Saunders, herbalist at Bear Wallow Herbs