Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shelf life of tinctures and salves?
Tinctures can last up to 7 years, as long as they are stored out of sunlight and heat. The tincture should taste like alcohol, not vinegar. Salves can last up to 2 years, as long as they are stored out of sunlight and heat. Salves can melt in the heat and high temperatures can make the oil rancid. When a salve turns bad it will lose its color and fragrance.

How do I use a tincture?
You can squirt the tincture directly under your tongue to absorb into your bloodstream. Or you can put the tincture drops into water and drink it. This is a more diluted and milder method, where the tincture is absorbed through your digestion. You can even put the drops in hot water and most of the alcohol will evaporate and the herb will stay in the water making an instant tea. Both methods are equally effective.

How much tincture do I take?
Bear Wallow Herbs lists a range of doses on each tincture label. Since each person and situation is unique, the dose varies. Each individual should use the lowest effective dose and repeat that dose as needed. It is usually best to start with a low dose and increase as needed. If you are using the herb for prevention or for changing a long term chronic issue, you will want to take the tinctures three times a day. Most tinctures are best taken before food. For acute symptoms that come on suddenly, it may be necessary to take a large dose and take another dose every 15 minutes.

How long will a 1oz bottle last?
A 1oz bottle is usually enough for a month, if you are taking 15 drops, 3 times a day. There is a general rule that the time to heal is relative to how long the problem has been with you. If you have been experiencing symptoms for a year, it make take a month to see changes (5 years may need 5 months of herbs).

Can I take a few different herbs all at the same time?
Yes, it is okay to mix different herbs and take them together. Herbs that I have found to work very well together can be found on the page Herbal Blend Tinctures.

Do I pay sales tax on my order?
Sales tax is only applied to California customers. Select your state when entering your mailing address.

Can I pay with check or money order?
Yes. Please call or email me with your order before sending check or money order. I will tell you your order total and my business mailing address. (530)925-5829 or

What shipping do you use and how long does it take?
All orders are mailed through United States Postal Service. You can choose First Class if your package is under 1 pound.  Priority Mail is faster.
You will receive an e-mail from Bear Wallow Herbs confirming the receipt of your payment. You will receive another email with tracking info. Orders are usually sent the following business day.

Can I send an order as a gift?
Yes, there is an option to ship to a different address than your billing address. Let me know if you want me to include a note saying who the gift is from.

How much does shipping cost?
Postage is calculated based on your address and the weight of the package. 

Any other questions?
Please feel free to contact me directly. Cara Saunders (530) 925-5829 or