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Opportunities to Learn

Hello and welcome! I'm Cara Saunders - an herbalist, gardener, mother, and creator of the handmade herbal remedies here at Bear Wallow Herbs.

I love spending my time out in the lush landscape of Mount Shasta, California, where I get to connect with plants and learn more about how to use them. My passion is teaching others about the health benefits of using herbal medicines, and sharing my experiences to inspire others in taking care of themselves and their loved ones with nature's gifts.

I'm excited to help you be wildly healthy!

I offer private herb walks for individuals, families, and groups! We'll get up close and personal with local medicinal plants.

Learn how to recognize native herbs and locally abundant weeds while enjoying success stories of working with herbs to improve health.

If you live near Mt. Shasta, California, here's your chance to get to know the plants that live here too! If you're traveling to the area during spring, summer or fall, this is a unique learning experience in nature designed just for you. Get all your questions answered and see each herb up close without getting stuck behind a crowd.

Kid friendly! Bring the kids for a hands-on fun and educational experience in nature!

Enjoy Safe Practices!
We follow all local and state health guidelines regarding masks and social distancing. Everyone travels in their own vehicles to meeting point. 
Let's explore and learn together and stay healthy!

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Personal Health Consultations and Counseling

☀️ Want to pursue a wildly healthy lifestyle?

☀️ Do you have someone in your life you trust to give you personal health advice?

☀️ Do you have the support needed to make changes to your diet, supplements, sleep, or exercise routine? 

Let's connect and improve your health! 

During a consultation, we'll talk about your health history, what you eat, how you are managing stress, your physical or emotional symptoms, or anything else that is throwing you off balance in your life right now. 

I have been studying herbal medicine and healthy living since 2000. I have training in Western Herbal Medicine from many experienced herbalists.

I want to help you prioritize your plan for being wildly healthy!

The initial consultation takes 1 hour. I will give you personalized recommendations, which can include a schedule for taking herbal tinctures or glycerites (and the appropriate dosages for you), herbal salves or massage oils for topical use, and tips on improving your diet, reducing stress, and getting better sleep. 

Ready for advice on herbs and lifestyle changes to improve your health? 

After you purchase this consultation, I will contact you to set up an appointment time. I like to schedule a follow-up appointment for 3 weeks out, so we can re-assess your situation and adjust your herbal protocol, if necessary. 

I look forward to working with you!

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