Opportunities to Learn

garden herbalists

Green Team: Volunteer Herb Garden Crew

 If you are local to Mt. Shasta area, contact me about joining a fun group that is enthusiastic about learning about growing and harvesting herbs! We meet 2 days per week, usually for 2 hour work sessions, sometimes longer. 

We grow California poppy, calendula, lemon balm, wild lettuce, goldenrod, yarrow, arnica, plantain, wild oats, rosemary, and many others! We also go on wildcrafting adventures to harvest Arnica, Spikenard Berry, Oregon Grape Root, Elderberries and many others. While most of the herbs are used for Bear Wallow Herbs products, sometimes there are extras that volunteers can take home. 

Call or email Cara to find out about our current work days.



I offer private herb walks for individuals, families, and groups! We'll get up close and personal with local medicinal plants.

Learn how to recognize native herbs and locally abundant weeds while enjoying success stories of working with herbs to improve health.

If you live near Mt. Shasta, California, here's your chance to get to know the plants that live here too! If you're traveling to the area during spring, summer or fall, this is a unique learning experience in nature designed just for you. Get all your questions answered and see each herb up close without getting stuck behind a crowd.

Kid friendly! Bring the kids for a hands-on fun and educational experience in nature!

Click here to schedule a Private Herb Tour today!