Elderberry Harvest

Elderberry Harvest
I harvest Elder berries in the mountains around Mt. Shasta, California! The dark blue elder berries have a white natural yeast on the skin. They grow in big clusters that can be clipped off the small trees. I harvest some and leave some for the birds and bears to enjoy! I juice the Elder berries and then add the pulp back in before beginning the extraction with Mt. Shasta Spring Water and Organic Cane Alcohol.

I also make an Elderberry Glycerite, made with Organic vegetable glycerine (no alcohol). It is more mild than the tincture, but perfect for children. It tastes sweet and kids love it. If I need to give kids tinctures, I like to put a dropperful or 2 of Elderberry Glycerite in a cup, then add the tincture drops and a little bit of water. 

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  • Cara Saunders
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