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Queen Anne's Lace: Wild Carrot

Working with Queen Anne's Lace Tincture (Wild Carrot) for Contraceptive

Here is my response to the frequently asked questions about Queen Anne's Lace/Wild Carrot Tincture.

I ask for feedback from all my customers and many have reported back to me over the years. Some have been using my tincture for years as a reliable contraceptive and others have reported pregnancies. 

Of course, there is much mystery and magic involved in the creation of new life and no contraceptives are 100% effective, but for people who use fertility awareness, Queen Anne's Lace Tincture can provide another layer of support in intentional family planning. As a contraceptive, Queen Anne's Lace Tincture seems to be most effective directly following
intercourse to prevent implantation and inhibit production of progesterone.

The Queen Anne's Lace Tincture made by Bear Wallow Herbs is 75% green seeds and 25% flowers in organic alcohol. This is the recommended recipe for the most potent tincture for use as birth control. Other herbalists have tried my tincture and praised it for being potent and infused with the energy of the plant. My tincture was used by some of the participants in Robin Rose Bennett's 2011 study of "wild carrot as herbal contraceptive". You can read the summary of findings here www.robinrosebennett.com.

It seems the best way to use Queen Anne's Lace Tincture is only during your fertile time, not during your entire cycle, especially if you are having sex often. 
Take 3 doses of 30 drops per dose, 12 hours apart. The first dose is to be taken right after intercourse or within 8 hours of intercourse. Use Fertility Awareness Method and track basal body temperature (and relative progesterone levels).  Queen Anne's Lace Tincture should be taking when temperature spikes.

Herbalist Phyllis Light stresses the importance of giving progesterone for 3 days and then withdrawing to stimulate the shedding of the uterine lining. Herbalist Robin Rose Bennett thinks that taking Queen Anne's Lace Tincture and then removing it, changes the estrogen/progesterone balance temporarily, changing the internal environment enough to make it inappropriate for conception.

Herbalist Mischa Schuler thinks that it might be removing progesterone so that the environment isn't likely for an egg to implant, and it is most important therefore to take Wild Carrot after ovulation.

Herbalist Ember Peters' theory is that taking Wild Carrot could temporarily block progesterone synthesis or progesterone receptors in the uterus, or both. When taken over the long term, the uterus could increase receptors to account for the reduction in progesterone binding, which could be why wild carrot loses effectiveness if taken daily.

Even though Queen Anne's Lace tincture causes physical changes, working with the herb for contraception is based on a spiritual relationship with the plant. Your intentions (even subconscious) can overrule the use of the tincture. In meditation and communication with Queen Anne’s Lace, the plant sends this message: “I can help you hold a pregnancy. I can help you prevent a potential pregnancy. The choice is yours.” Fertility is generated during lovemaking and we can choose how to direct it, what we want it to feed and generate. The natural tendency is to create a new human being. If that is not what you want, it is vital to choose what you do want. This is true co-creative empowerment. It is important to include your partner in this discussion and intention setting. 

I encourage people to proceed with careful attention and reasonable caution when exploring using Queen Anne’s Lace Tincture for contraception. Using the tincture and a condom or other barrier method is recommended. 

Do not use Queen Anne's Lace Tincture in these situations:

  • while taking hormonal medications
  • if you are lactating
  • if you do not have a regular predictable menstrual cycle
  • recently stopped taking birth control pill or any other hormonal medication
  • if taking Queen Anne's Lace Tincture caused breast tenderness or changes in your menstrual cycle. 
  • if either partner is conflicted about decision to have a baby.

It is recommended that you wait at least 3 menstrual cycles after pregnancy or coming off birth control pills to see that your cycle is back to “normal” and predictable before starting to use Queen Anne’s Lace Tincture. 

Let me know if this helps or if you have other questions.