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Goldenrod Tincture

Ingredients: Sustainably wildcrafted Goldenrod leaves and flowers (Solidago canadensis), organic cane alcohol, and clean mountain water.

Helps strengthen immune system and aids in prevention of allergies and hay fever (especially good for cat allergies).
Take in fall to prepare your immune system for winter colds and flu.
Take in winter to prepare your immune system for spring allergies.
Bladder tonic (Strengthening to the bladder and urinary tract).
Reduces irritation and inflammation in prostate gland for men. (Frequent urination)
Strengthens sexual organs (for men and women).

Contraindicated in chronic liver disorders.







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“Goldenrod Tincture has been a lifesaver for me! I have allergies all year long that include itchy watery eyes, coughing, and stuffy nose that eventually lead to sinus infections. Springtime is my favorite time of the year because of the great weather to be able to enjoy the great outdoors! Unfortunately, as soon as spring hits every year I am stuck inside trying to recover from my allergy symptoms. They are so bad that I have no desire to go outside of the house. I feel so lucky to have found Bear Wallow Herbs! As soon as I started taking Goldenrod Tincture I immediately noticed the difference. My eyes are not watering or itchy, I have not had a stuffy or runny nose for weeks now and I can sleep at night because I am not coughing. Right now, during the middle of spring is when my allergies are typically the worst, but they have been so under control and the only thing I have done differently is to take Goldenrod Tincture. Thank you so much!"
Vanessa Valiente-Raeder, Sacramento, CA

“I've found Goldenrod Tincture to be very helpful during the allergy season (I avoided my usual 'collapse' that I inevitably have every spring) and it’s been helpful with the occasional sinus headache and bad stomach (too much hummus!).Thank you for your wonderful medicines. You have an amazing gift!”
Greg Cummings, San Francisco, CA


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