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Spikenard Berry Tincture

Aids stress reduction. Lightens emotions. Helps ease physical symptoms of stress. Energizing. 1oz $12, 2oz $22, 4oz $40. When you choose a size below, +$10 means the 2oz is $10 more than the 1oz size.
Spikenard Berry
Spikenard BerrySpikenard BerrySpikenard BerrySpikenard Berry

Regular price: $12.00
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Ingredients: Sustainably wildcrafted California Spikenard berries (Aralia californica), organic biodynamic grape alcohol, and clean mountain water.

Spikenard Berry Tincture is energizing and aids stress reduction, lightens emotions, and helps ease physical symptoms of stress.

Works quickly to help calm emotions when you are feeling "over emotional."

"A meditation teacher of mine likes to use a metaphore to help her students understand how to deal with releasing emotions. I can hear her calm voice saying No one gets on the train, no one gets off the train...just watch the train go by. Spikenard Berry Tincture reminds me of this. Spikenard berries help you take a step back and watch as the train goes by, instead of getting swept up and carried away by emotion. I love how this tincture works fast to give me a new perspective on stressful situations. Spikenard Berry Tincture is also a star in my Stress Less Tincture formula. Spikenard berries are one of my favorite herbs to wild harvest. The plants grow with their roots right in the creek. The berries are ripe in early fall when the creeks are low. This makes walking down the creek a lot easier than in summer when the creeks are full of snowmelt. The Spikenard plants hang down heavy with berries. As I fill my bag with berries, I stay aware, looking for mountain lions coming to drink from the creek. " Herbalist Cara Saunders

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