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For Skin. Lymph. Detox. Sleep. 1oz $12, 2oz $22, 4oz $40. When you choose a size below, +$10 means the 2oz is $10 more than the 1oz size.

Regular price: $12.00
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Ingredients: Sustainably wildcrafted Cleavers leaves (Galium aparine), organic grape alcohol, and clean mountain water.

Cleavers Tincture:

Lymphatic cleanser. Good for clearing skin problems. Lymph congestion presents as skin issues.



Diuretic. Helps rid the body of toxins.

Induces sleep. Calms nerves for people who startle easily.

Mild astringent.

Brings out rash of measels.

Not during pregnancy. Not with existing kidney disease. Not with pharmaceutical anti-coagulants.

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