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Black Cohosh Tincture

Healthy menopause, menstruation, prostate. 1oz $12, 2oz $22, 4oz $40. When you choose a size below, +$10 means the 2oz is $10 more than the 1oz size.

Regular price: $12.00
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Ingredients: Sustainably grown Black Cohosh roots (Cimicifuga racemosa), organic biodynamic grape alcohol, and clean mountain water.

Black Cohosh Tincture:

Supports healthy menstruation and menopause. Stimulates release of estrogen through hypothalamus of brain (so still effective for those who have had hysterectomy). Promotes menstrual flow if menstrual bleeding is slow and cycle is short (22-24 days)

Improves circulation in prostate and reduces inflammation.

Do not use during pregnancy. Only take during the last 5 weeks of pregnancy to prepare uterus for childbirth.
Continue taking after birth to calm after-birth pain and prevent post-partum depression, sadness or low moods.

Impoves vein circulation. Lowers blood pressure.

Sedative. Cooling energetic helps relax people who are extremely nervous, tense, and sensitive.

Anti-rheumatic. Soothing to muscles with rheumatoid pain and tension.


*Follow label recommendations for dose. Should not be used in high doses.


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