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"I've been ordering bulk tinctures from Bear Wallow Herbs for my compounding apothecary in Maryland for several years. I love their speedy service and high quality. They carry several hard to find tinctures and the taste, potency, and efficacy is top notch! I would highly recommend Bear Wallow to herbal practitioners and those looking for high quality plant medicines!" Ashley Litecky, Silver Spring, MD. Deep Green Wellness, Sky House Yoga: Yoga Educator, Clinical Herbalist. www.deepgreenwellness.com, www.skyhouseyoga.com

"An off-the-grid, in-the-mountains, eco-groovy business definitely should be supported! I wish you much success!" Jennifer M., Monrovia, CA

"Thank you so much for making these wonderful tinctures! I have ordered from you many times. Great products--you can feel it!" Anja D., Deerfield, MA

"Your business is amazing! What a job you have--walking in the wilderness gathering herbs for healing purposes." Vibeke K. P., Denmark

"Thank you for your wonderful products. I appreciate the time and care you put into your work. We have enjoyed the alternatives that your products have offered. I have found the Horsetail Tincture to be working well on my toe nail fungus. My wife likes the California Poppy and Easter Lily. She is looking to regulate her monthly cycle. I also like the Arnica Salve for sore muscles--it has been great on my knee when it gets achy." Andy, Santa Rosa, CA

“I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, but wanted to try a more natural way to control it. I started taking 3 tinctures (three times a day): Hawthorne Berry Tincture, Shiitake Mushroom Tincture, and Yarrow Tincture. Within a week my blood pressure dropped over 20 points! I'm now in the normal range, and I have Bear Wallow Herbs to thank for it! I'm so pleased with my experience, and I am so grateful to have found these wonderful products!" Julie S., Seattle, WA

"I have tried a variety of herbs for an enlarged prostate and have never found satisfaction until working with Cara and Bear Wallow Herbs. I took Saw Palmetto for years but never could detect any change from taking the herb. I took Royal Lucraco which seemed to help some but it seemed I had to take more than I wanted to see a benefit. It became rather expensive and mildly effective. Lastly I tried Beta Sitosterol and saw some change for the positive with that supplement. At first I took upon Cara's recommendation Turmeric Tincture and Yarrow Tincture in addition to the Royal Lucraco and Beta Sitosterol. I noticed an improvement almost immediately with the tinctures. I like being able to sit through a movie at the movie theatre and when watching a DVD at home. I notice improved flow and less frequency of urination. I have eliminated now all other supplements and only taking Turmeric Tincture and Yarrow Tincture. Cara is great to work with; very knowledgeable and a good listener." Ian Rudick, Clarksburg, WV

“Thanks for the Arnica Salve that assisted my older-than-I-am knees in a recent challenge, the St. John’s Wort Salve for the back, and for the California Poppy Tincture that has helped one of our cats through a tender surgical recovery. I am glad to recommend the Herbal Medicine First Aid Kit to my Animal Communication clients for use with their pets. Blessings to your attractive, effective products and their good vibrations!” Winterhawk, Mt. Shasta, CA animalconsultations.com

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