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1. Set the Mood

Before harvesting herbs for medicine, I always set the appropriate mood. I clear my mind and body of any stress, worries, or distractions. I open myself to learn from the plants. I express appreciation for the healing powers of the herbs. 
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2. Sustainable Harvest

The herbs I gather grow in places far from roads, traffic, and pollution. I am lucky to live in the mountains where the forest is healthy and the water is clean. I walk through the forest and meadows, observing the plants in their natural environment. To ensure a sustainable harvest, I do not take more than the plants can spare to maintain a healthy population. I plant herb seeds in my garden and in the forest, so the medicinal plants I harvest become more abundant each year.
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3. Chop, Grind, Blend: Do it Fresh!

After harvesting, there is no time for a break. The herbs need to be processed immediately since the best medicine is made while the plants are fresh, not dried. Roots are chopped, berries are blended, flowers and leaves are put through a grinder.
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4. All Natural Ingredients

Time for a little math…the herbs are weighed, simple formulas are applied, and the ingredients are measured. Salves are made with certified organic first cold press olive oil and all natural beeswax. Tinctures are made with certified organic grape alcohol and clean mountain water.
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5. Infusion and Extraction

Now we wait. Allow time for the medicinal properties to come into the olive oil or alcohol. Herbs in olive oil are set in the “hot house” for 1-2 weeks to become herb infused oils. Herbs set in alcohol for a about a month, or a complete cycle of the moon. Special river rocks and crystals are placed inside the jar to hold the herbs under the alcohol, and add their energy to the medicine.
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6. Power Herb Press

A custom designed press is used to strain out the plant matter from the oil or alcohol. All natural muslin cloth catches fine particles and allows the clean liquid to flow out. The herb press uses a hydraulic jack, making the process so efficient that the plant matter comes out of the press nearly dry.
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7. The Final Product

Herb infused oil becomes a salve with the addition of natural beeswax. The herb infused oil is warmed until the beeswax melts, it is then poured into the salve containers. As the oil cools, the salve hardens. The final tinctures are poured into amber glass bottles with dropper lids. Both salves and tinctures are labeled with the Bear Wallow Herbs logo and “how to use” directions.
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